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The world's best genomic compressor

The best FASTQ, BAM, VCF compression.


Genozip provides the best compression of any commercial or open source compression software, for almost every case we tested.

Proven in large deployments

Genozip is being used in production environments with 100s of TB of FASTQ and BAM data.


Verifiable with MD5 or Adler32


Easily scales to 50 - 100 cores


Optionally, the data can be encrypted while being compressed, without affecting compression speed. Genozip uses AES-256 which is the US government standard and an ISO standard encryption algorithm.

Feature rich

--tar option to archive entire directories 

- Supports 17 common genomic file formats + generic

- optional base quality score binning to improve compression.

- analysis tools

- much, much more

Integration with pipelines

- Genozip is an easy to use command-line tool:

- genozip and genounzip for compressing and decompressing files

- genocat for viewing or subseting a compressed file




v15 bam benchmark light.png


Deep™ - FASTQ and BAM co-compression*

See details of the datasets tested here.

*patent pending


v15 vcf benchmark.png

Products and Pricing


Genozip™ Standard

Price: US$2000/year or €2000/year

• Unlimited use on all computers of the organization (including cloud)
• Access to customer support
• Access to compressed data is perpetual even after license expires

Genozip™ Enterprise

Price: US$5000/year or €5000/year

Everything in Genozip Standard, plus:

Significantly better compression with co-compression options:
--pair for
co-compressing paired-end FASTQs
--deep for co-compressing a BAM file and the related FASTQ files


Free academic license available for eligible institutions: details here.

Genozip™ Premium

Price: US$20,000/year or €20,000/year

Designed for organizations that distribute files to their clients, such as sequencing labs:

Everything in Genozip Enterprise, plus:

- Co-branded genounzip for distribution to clients

- First-priority access to customer support
- Your clients have access to 
Genozip customer support for decompressing files

Genozip™ Academic

Price: free

To qualify for a free academic license, two conditions must be met: 1. Your institution must be a recongized academic research institution and 2. The data being compressed was not obtained from or for commercial activities.

Note: data obtained from a service such as a clinical, diagnostic, sequencing or data analysis service, is considered commercial and hence does not qualify for the academic license. This is because someone (the patient, insurer, client...) paid your institution for the service. This is even if the institution itself is a non-profit.

Genozip Academic is feature-wise identical to Genozip Enterprise, but access to support is not guaranteed to be available. See: Installation instructions and Frequently Ask Questions.

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