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Using Genozip on an HPC

Building an EasyBuild module

Please find sample scripts here.

How to register Genozip for a batch job

Genozip requires registration prior to use, and its a violation of Genozip’s license to use Genozip without registration.


Option 1 (easier): register on the login node of the HPC with genozip --register. You need to do this only once.

Option 2: If you are not able to register on the HPC’s login node or your batch script does not have access to your home directory, do the following:

1. Register Genozip on another computer. You can skip this step if you have already used (and hence registered) Genozip on this computer:

genozip --register

➔ The license file located at ~/.genozip_license.v15 on Linux and Mac and %APPDATA%\genozip\.genozip_license.v15 on Windows. Note that the file name begins with a ".".

2. Copy the license file to the target computer (any directory, any filename).

3. Use the --licfile option to point genozip to the license file, for example:

genozip --licfile mydir/.genozip_license.v15 mydata.bam

Questions? email for help.

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