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Click on the type of license you need:

Standard License
  • Cost: US$2000 per year

  • Unlimited use on all computers of the organization (including cloud)

  • Access to customer support

  • Access to compressed data is perpetual even after license expires

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Free, 30-day Evaluation License
  • Cost: free

  • You may use Genozip for a duration of 30 days (limited to 100 files)

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Academic License
  • Cost: free

  • No access to customer support

Eligibility criteria¹:

1. Institution: A recognized academic research institution, and

2. No Commercial Data: The data was not originally obtained by you in the context of providing a service (including clinical) for which you get paid; nor for use in development of a product (FAQ

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¹ This is a summary, see full condition in section 2a of the License.

Questions about our licenses? See Frequently Asked Questions or send us a message to

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