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Click on the type of license you need:

Genozip™ Standard
  • Cost: US$3500 per year.

  • Unlimited use on all computers of the organization (including cloud accounts).

  • Access to technical support.

  • Access to compressed data is perpetual even after license expires.

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Genozip™ Enterprise
  • Cost: US$5000 per year.  Everything in Genozip Standard, plus:

  • Significantly better compression with co-compression options:
    --pair for co-compressing paired-end FASTQs.
    --deep for co-compressing a BAM file and the related FASTQ files.

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Genozip™ Premium
  • Cost: US$20,000 per year. Everything in Genozip Enterprise, plus:

  • First-priority support.

  • Flexibility to support your business model, e.g.:

    • Allow your clients to compress their files before sending them to you.​

    • Allow your clients to decompress files you send them.

    • Our technical support to you, extends to your clients.

    • We can bake-in your custom message that will show when your clients compress or decompress files (e.g. technical information or a marketing message).

  • Flexibility to support your compliance requirements, e.g.

    • We can deposit our source code in 3rd party software escrow that will be released to you if Genozip goes out of business.

    • We are willing to accept samples of your specific FASTQ, BAM or VCF files, to include in our internal automated testing, to reduce technical risk.

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Free, 30-day Evaluation License
  • Cost: free.

  • You may use Genozip for a duration of 30 days (limited to 100 files).

  • Includes all features of Genozip™ Enterprise.


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Genozip™ Academic (free)
  • Cost: free

  • Capabilities: same as Genozip Enterprise

  • No access to
    customer support

  • Genozip logs aggregate
    compression statistics

Eligibility criteria¹:

1. Institution: A recognized academic research institution, excluding hospitals of any type (FAQ), and

2. No Commercial Data: The data was not acquired in the context of a service (e.g. sequencing, diagnostics, product development) for which you or your institution received payment (FAQ)

¹ This is a summary, see full condition in section 2a of the License.


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Genozip™ Academic (paid)
  • Eligability criteria: identical to the Genozip Academic (free).

  • Cost: US$1000 per year.

  • Usage limited to a single lab or center within the institution.

  • Capabilities: same as Genozip Enterprise.

  • Ability to control Genozip logging (as in all paid licenses).

  • Opportunity to contribute to the long-term viability of Genozip.

Questions about our licenses? See Frequently Asked Questions or send us a message to

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