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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is issued on behalf of Genozip Limited, a Hong Kong company, Business Registration Number 65973995.


What type of information do we collect?


When you use genozip for the first time, genozip prompts you to register. In the registration process, we collect certain information explicitly provided by you, which is your name, institution name, your email, and whether you permit logging (the latter is automatically set to “Yes” in the case of free licenses, see below). In addition we collect technical information regarding your computer, which consists of your operating system type, user and hostname, internal and external IP address (from which we derive your approximate location), number of CPU cores, the name of the distribution channel through which you obtained the Genozip software, and the version of our license which you accepted.


When you sign up for an account on our website, we collect the personal information you explicitly provide.


If you pay by credit card on our website, our payments provider, Stripe, collects your credit card and personal information, however this information is not collected nor available to us. Please see Stripe’s privacy policy:

If you pay by bank transfer, all contractual and financial information related to this transaction is retained.

All information and data you send us via email or other file transfer services for technical support purposes may be retained, unless you explicitly request to delete it.


We offer a telemetry service, in which after a file is compressed, a tiny log record containing aggregate statistics regarding the performance of our compression methods as well as metadata is collected by us. This information is used for the purpose of providing you with technical support, as well as improving our product. The type of information contained in each log record can be viewed here: The telemetry service is activated by default for free licenses and is activated at the opt-in request of the user during registration for paid licenses.


Why do we collect such information and how do we use it?


The information we collect is used to provide you with technical support, to improve our product, and to send you infrequent product announcements (from which you can opt-out). It is also used for our accounting, legal and compliance purposes, and for license management.


In addition, if you register to use Genozip Academic, we reserve the right to list your institution on

How do we store the information we collect?


Most of our data is stored on Google servers (Drive, Sheets, Forms and Docs) as well as on local hosts. We do not have knowledge of - or control over - the geographic location in which Google decides to store our data. Test files used for our quality assurance pipeline, some of which were provided by users reporting technical issues who did not request to delete them, are stored in a private repo on github.


Do we share the information we collect with third parties?


We do not disclose any information we collect to third parties, unless you consented or we are required to do so by law. However, we may use aggregate statistics of overall usage of our system across our user base for marketing purposes.


Does our website use cookies?


Our website uses cookies to provide a better user experience, and to help us improve it.


Questions and our contact information


If you would like to access or delete any information we collected from you, or have any questions about our privacy policy, you are invited to contact us at

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