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Lossless compression of FASTQ, BAM, VCF
2x - 10x better than .gz / .cram

The world's best lossless compressor for FASTQ, BAM, VCF in a wide variety of use cases

Used in hundreds of institutions, research hospitals, and companies

New! Genozip Premium

Genozip Premium is focused on supporting the business needs of companies that send or receive FASTQ / BAM / VCF files to or from their clients.


With Genozip Premium, your clients can use your Genozip license to compress files ahead of sending them to you, at no cost to them.

New! Genozip Deep™ (patent pending)
Co-compression of FASTQ and BAM

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Daniel S. T. Hughes MBioch (Hons; Oxford) PhD (Cambridge)
Director of Bioinformatics, Institute of Genomic Medicine
Columbia University

"The Institute of Genomic Medicine's (IGM) Bioinformatics Core, situated within the Columbia University Irving School of Medicine, manages a variant warehouse containing approximately 130,000 whole-genome sequencing (WGS) and whole-exome sequencing (WES) samples. This warehouse serves the dual purpose of gene discovery and diagnostic analysis and has been utilized in numerous published analyses. Additionally, the IGM acts as a long-term repository for original off-machine FASTQ files of internally and externally sequenced samples, which must be preserved in their original form.

After an extensive evaluation of the cost, compute, compression benefits of multiple options we decided upon the use of Genozip Premium package.

We applied the lossless Genozip compression on approximately 172,000 of our most recent internally stored FASTQ pairs. This reduced their data footprint from 537.4 TB to 115.6 TB, resulting in an average space savings of 78.5%. Not only did this significantly reduce storage costs, but it also facilitated the migration of the entire dataset to our cloud infrastructure.

I can highly recommend Genozip to any organization looking to reduce the storage footprint of their FASTQ files."

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